Sunday, 20 August 2017

The Issue with "Feminism"

The older you get, the more the ideology of an Utopian society gets sillier.

However, certain matters within the realistic world seem too ridiculous and should in fact reflect the paradigms within the perfect world.

The word feminism has earned a negative connotation within society with the theatrics of the bra burning individuals with hairy pits. Hence, when feminist is used within my self identification and what I stand for, I get eyes rolled at me with the occasional oh not another one of those gander.

Feminism doesn't stem on the importance of being able to walk shamelessly without a bra, it is so much more than that but I can understand where the complications come from. Within my feminism studies I learned that the very definition of feminism is equality. Equality means equal rights, opportunities and treatment between two sexes and anything in between. But how can a word with the root word being/ relating to women stand for equality? When feminism began through suffrage (first wave feminism) it was for the purpose of women and only women. As it evolved it began to incorporate elements of sexuality, gender along with gender identification. Maybe the fight for equal rights would not be received negatively if it was changed to "equality".

If you're going to fight for equality why don't just call it equalism. I am an equalist. Yes, I created my own word. This is just my two cents, they are a lot more parties that need to be accounted for if this world is gonna survive. While it's okay to be pro-women, I'd rather be pro-humanity and with the evolution of time certain matters that use to work in the past need to have some sort of revamp (just like the print industry but that's a whole other matter).

Anyway, what inspired this was being in a situation where women intimidated and criticised each other. I am so thankful to be from a college where the girls worked together to build each other up; helping each other out wherever we could and we never turned it into a competition. This was my Utopian community until I left and joined the "real world".

What I hope is that women continue to build women, and human beings continue to build human beings. And most of all I hope I don't fall prey to a world of competition as I evolve into more senior positions. Our generation is said to be a very lazy one, and while some us don't actually contradict this, we may very well be the generation to change the status quo.

Cheers to humanity.

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