Tuesday, 28 March 2017

How to Trick Someone Into Telling You Their Name (After You Forget It)

Hey friends!

So I have serious issues remembering names and sometimes I manage to wiggle my way out of it, I repeat sometimes.

I'ma share some ways to help you out! I must say that these usually work within social situations not exactly professional scenarios.

1. Ask them if they have a pet name
This may help jog your memory if it is at all similar to their real name, for example I had this friend who's name is Aina Sofreena and she told me her mom calls her "Nana." That helped the train ride a lot more comfortable!

2. Ask to see their ID tag
Well, this works for college students who usually have their ID tag with them. There was this guy who I'd have many conversations with and he would always say "Hi Haezell!" Hence, I never had the heart to tell him that I forgot his name. Instead I was like "Hey, is that your ID tag? Can I have a look, please?" Obviously, he asked why. I responded saying I'm just curious and I'd like to see what you full name is. Worked like a charm, Did this just yesterday. The next step is to strike up a conversation about their name. Just bullshit.

3. Introduce this person to another acquaintance or friend
Get your friend to introduce themselves to this person saying "Hey, I'm... and you are?" It could be that simple and this works well in professional scenarios as well!

4. Ask them what their full name is

5. Ask for their contact number/ Facebook/Instagram account
When saving or searching for their name ask them how to spell their name for the former and what their handle is for the latter. The former method will not bode well for you if their name was super simple like Sarah or Sam but then you can additionally employ method four.

And if all hell fails just go "Hey, friend!" Like I always do, but I do that to everyone it has become my signature move.

Anyway hope this helps, bye now!

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