Wednesday, 5 October 2016

I Don't Care, I Love It

My boss stumbled upon one of my videos of its typical eccentric behavior and said that I'm sure some people don't like your "loudness." While this bodes true of course, I'm sure to many, I don't care. I have so much fun, like crazy, innocent, genuine, solid fun. Oh my god, I'm so lucky. I really am. I don't have any massive problems. Sure, a 10,000 word dissertation inclusive of research with the additional Photoshop subjects may pose a challenge, but I'ma pave through as I always do. As all my classmates do. I'm with a talented bunch.

I'm lucky because I'm happy. I'm lucky because I laugh. I'm lucky because my daddy loves me. I'm lucky for my girls, and Sathis who is kinda like one of the girls.

I think it easy to forget to be happy when you grow up with the responsibilities that keep piling and the reality that starts kicking in. I swear I've met some funky individuals with serious issues that I had to learn to deal with and not let affect me. It wasn't easy. Sometimes I'd really like to reciprocate with a slap but I'd like to take the mature route.

I've decided to attempt to be a better individual this year. So far, my progress is slow but I'm working on it! I really am.

So, I guess this post doesn't really have a point to it. It is just my way of expressing my gratitude for all my fun, all my laughter and even all the tears shed this year. I cried thrice for my photography assignment. And FYI, I got a B! My lecturer said I had a high potential of failing! An F to B! That's not so bad, of course I have people like Crystal and Justin to thank!

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